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All you need to know about dental x-rays

What x-rays are available at Gentle Care Dentistry?

Radiographic examinations of the mouth and teeth are important in the diagnosis of many dental conditions including tooth decay. At Gentle Care Dentistry, we provide three types of dental x-rays- a bitewing, a perioapical (PA) or panoramic x-ray (OPG).

  1. A bitewing x-ray involves the patient biting down on a piece of cardboard that is centered on the film. The main use of these types is to detect tooth decay and to check on any gum disease between the teeth.

  2. A PA x-ray shows the entire tooth including the roots and surrounding bones. Our main use of these x-rays is to examine the root tips for any abscesses or inflammation.

  3. An OPG gives a full view of the upper and lower jaws and the patient’s teeth. This type of x-ray is useful in identifying abnormal growths in the jawbone, trauma, or issues with the wisdom teeth. It can also be used to provide an overview of developing teeth in children.

When our dentist or oral health therapist takes an x-ray the main issues they can see include oral cancer, cysts, infections, tooth decay, impacted teeth and your bone levels.

Our No Gap New Patient Package includes an OPG and 2 bitewing x-rays. This will ensure we have a better understanding if there is any tooth decay or other issues present.

Are dental x-rays safe?

Advances have been made in recent years to reduce the level of radiation exposure from dental x-rays. The radiation you receive from one dental x-ray is less than you would receive on a flight to Brisbane. However, we do have safety precautions in place including a lead apron that can be used for patients.

Please let us know if you are pregnant before we take any dental x-rays so we can provide the relevant safety precautions including lead apron. If the x-ray is not urgent, we will postpone the x-ray until after your pregnancy.

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