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Check-up and cleans

What occurs during a check-up and clean?

At your check-up and clean, our dentists will complete:

  • A full examination of your mouth, checking for any decay in your teeth, gum issues and mouth cancer. We will also discuss your medical and dental health history and any concerns you may have.

  • Scale and clean - they will remove any plaque deposits and tartar build-up using an ultrasonic scaler and a prophy paste

  • Fluoride treatment - this will help protect your teeth 

Dental Surgery

Why do I need to come every 6 months?

Routine check-up and cleans are vital for a healthy mouth. They ensure that we regularly maintain a healthy mouth, and if any problems do arise, they are dealt with swiftly. This will help minimise any large costs trying to fix problems that may arise. 


For example, the same as your car, it is important to put it in for a service on a regular basis to ensure there are no major problems. These small regular services are cost-effective, in comparison to paying for large fees when something breaks down.

What are the costs of check-up and cleans?

New Patients

New patients to Gentle Care Dentistry will get the new patient package. 

This is gap-free for patients with private health insurance, or $199 for those patients who aren't covered.

The package includes:

  • Examination (usually $75)

  • Scale and Clean (usually $130)

  • Fluoride (usually $40)

  • Two small bite-wing x-rays (usually $45 each)

  • Large full mouth OPG x-ray (usually $110)

Patients who do not want to get x-rays can let us know, but the price will still be the same. 

Regular Patients

At Gentle Care Dentistry, we recommend coming in for a check-up and clean every 6 months. 

The cost of a periodic check-up and clean is $240. If you are covered by private health insurance, they will cover for some of this, but there may be a gap payment. If you would like to know the gap, you call your health fund and quote the following item numbers. 

During this appointment, your dentist will complete:

  • Examination (item number: 012) - $70

  • Scale and clean (item number: 114) - $130

  • Fluoride treatment (item number: 121) - $40


Sometimes we may need to update your x-rays including small bitewing x-rays ($45 each) or a full mouth x-ray ($110). Your dentist will give you a quote before we complete this treatment. 



At Gentle Care Dentistry, we see children of all ages.

Generally, we recommend coming in to see a dentist when they are around one year old or when their teeth have come through. These appointments are quite basic and are about getting your child used to the dentist and the dental chair as this is a new experience for them. Once they are a bit older, we recommend they come in for a check-up and clean every 6 months.


Covered by Private Health Insurance

If your child (under 18) is covered by private health insurance, our check-up and cleans are always gap-free. 


Covered by Medicare's Child Dental Benefits Scheme

If your child is eligible for CDBS and has sufficient balance, we will bulk-bill their check-up and clean.


Not covered by either

A check-up and clean will be $149 if your child is not covered by either private health insurance or CDBS

For a full list of fees, please visit our fees page below:

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