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Q & A with Dr Ben Yang

Ben is the owner and principal dentist at Gentle Care Dentistry. We asked him some questions so you can get to know him better!

Tell us about yourself - where did you grow up?

I was born in Taiwan and did most of my primary school there. Our family immigrated to New Zealand when I was 11 years old, in hope for a better education and environment for me and my brother. During my high school years, I developed a passion for sports, science and arts. After completing high school, I moved to Sydney to continue my tertiary education.

What did you study at university?

I first completed a degree in Medical Science at the University of New South Wales, majoring in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. I was then accepted into the graduate Bachelor of Dentistry program at Sydney University.

What made you interested in becoming a dentist?

My mother is a dentist so that had a huge influence but it was the combination of my passion in arts, science and medicine that led to my pursuit of this career.

What services do you provide at Gentle Care Dentistry?

I offer a wide range of services at Gentle Care Dentistry including:

  • General dentistry

  • Family dentistry

  • Cosmetic dentistry

  • Orthodontics

  • Dental Implants

What fields of dentistry are you particularly interested in?

I am interested in providing dental care to as many different facets of dentistry as I can to my patients. I am a firm believer in preventative dentistry – to help maintain healthy teeth through regular checkup and cleaning. To prevent small problems from becoming big problems. I also enjoy immensely improving the smiles and confidence of my patients, either through a simple whitening procedure, or more complex treatment such as orthodontics and smile makeover.

You opened Gentle Care Dentistry in 2014, what made you interested in opening your own clinic? Do you have any goals for the clinic?

My main goal is to operate a dental clinic that is able to provide comprehensive dental care to everyone including general and complex dental work, to be a “one stop shop”, but also to have a network of specialists that I can recommend my patients to go to when required. I hope the clinic strives to provide gentle and caring dentistry, hence the name of the clinic.

What are your hobbies and interests outside of work?

Outside of work I enjoy sports such as baseball and rugby union. I also enjoy cooking, watching TV and spend time with the family.

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