Tooth mousse

What is tooth mousse? Tooth mousse is a milk-based crème that contains calcium and phosphate, which are important minerals for strengthening your teeth. Some versions of tooth mousse also contain fluoride, which has been scientifically proven to prevent tooth decay. Why should I use tooth mousse? You may find tooth mousse beneficial if you suffer from sensitive teeth in general, or sensitivity after certain procedures such as teeth whitening. It is also highly recommended for pregnant mothers (or those who experience reflux) and children under 6, who are more vulnerable to acidic tooth decay. However if you have lactose intolerance or milk protein allergies, tooth mousse may not be suitable

Molar Hypomin

Molar Hypomin is short for Molar Hypomineralisation which is a developmental dental defect that affects mainly the molar teeth. What does Hypomin look like? Normally, the enamel on a tooth is white and very hard, but in patients that have molar hypomin, the enamel can be chalky (creamy-yellow/brown or extra-white patches). The texture is often rough and soft. In more severe cases, teeth may start crumbling away altogether, or end up with a hole in them. What are the causes of Molar Hypomin? Unfortunately, there is still no definite cause for hypomineralisation. However, research has shown a higher risk of Molar Hypomin as a result of illness in infants that may damage the developing tooth.

Join our Exclusive In-house Membership Program

At Gentle Care Dentistry we created our own in-house membership program to provide an affordable choice for our patients, and allow freedom of choice when it comes to their dental care. The membership program involves a 12-month membership paid via direct debit each month. How much does the membership cost? Adults Adult membership is only $8 / week. This is a total yearly cost of $416 and is direct debited as $34.65 each month. A periodic check-up and clean is $215 every 6 months, which equals $430. Therefore, the membership program costs less than your 2 periodic cleans each year! Children Children under the age of 12 is only $3 / week. This is a total yearly cost of $156 and is direct de

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