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Are Electric Toothbrushes OK for Kids? Choosing the Best Toothbrush

A common question that a dentist in Hornsby is asked is whether or not electric toothbrushes are okay for kids to use. Of course, parents want to make sure that they are doing the best that they can for their kids’ dental health. Oral health is important to your overall health, and you want to make sure that kids have a solid foundation of dental health that will ensure the best outcomes when they become adults. By reading on, you can learn all about using electric toothbrushes for kids.

Should My Kid Use an Electric Toothbrush?

The short answer is that if your child is 8 years of age or older and hates brushing their teeth, they can use an electric toothbrush. The fact is that getting your children to brush their teeth can be a difficult task which is why if using an electric toothbrush gets them to brush their teeth, then use it. Some electric toothbrushes offer a sleek and ergonomic design that has different sonic cleaning motions that can support healthier gums and teeth.

For children younger than this age group, those aged between 3 and 8, there are also electric toothbrushes that are safe for them to use. These can come in character designs that are specifically designed for these age groups to encourage better oral care.

Picking the Right Toothbrush

Just as you would with a regular toothbrush, you need to be sure that you select the right toothbrush for your child’s needs. You want to pick a toothbrush that is the right size and style, especially with a child-sized head for the toothbrush. This will make sure that the toothbrush fits properly inside of their mouth, reaching all of their back teeth comfortably.

You should also take the time to let your child pick out a toothbrush that they love. Letting them pick their own toothbrush can make it more likely that they will stick to brushing their teeth on a regular basis.

Using Proper Technique

Having the right toothbrush is only half of the equation to good oral health. Even with an electric toothbrush, you need to have the proper technique when brushing your teeth. You need to make sure that your child knows the importance of getting all of the surfaces of the teeth when brushing. The child, even with the sonic motions of the toothbrush, should still slowly move the brush over the different surfaces in their mouth.

After brushing, it’s important to remember to clean the toothbrush and then store the toothbrush upright. It’s also important to remember to charge the toothbrush so that you don’t have to worry about it running out of batteries before you finish brushing.


Gentle Care Dentistry understands how important dental health is, which is why they offer essential information for people to learn how to best take care of their dental health. Having a good routine for dental health will ensure that you have healthy gums and teeth to last you a longer time. Using the right tools for your teeth is also important for ensuring the best dental care.


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