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In-House Membership Program


From 1st of July 2017, Gentle Care Dentistry is introducing our new in-house membership program. We created the new membership program with the aim of facilitating affordability and freedom of choice when it comes to dental care for our patients. Private health insurance costs have increased dramatically, and further, some health funds try to limit the choice in where you can receive dental treatment based on how much they will cover.

Our Low Membership Costs

For $ 8 / week (minimum cost of $416 over 12 months) members will receive all the membership benefits below. Any additional family members that join will cost:

  • $ 8 / week for adults (minimum cost of $416 over 12 months)

  • $ 5 / week for children over 12 (minimum cost of $260 over 12 months)

  • $ 3 / week for children under 12 (minimum cost of $156 over 12 months)


A membership is signed up for 12 months, and is direct debited from your account each month.

How to Join

Option 1: Click on the links below

Click on the links below for the membership that suits you. You will need to input your details including either your bank account or credit card details.


Option 2: Join in the clinic

When you are in the clinic next, we can organise the paperwork and help set up your membership account.
If you have any queries, please feel free to contact our staff on (02) 8411 2674.

Membership Benefits

Your membership will include two general check-ups and cleans per year, with no additional costs. These check-ups will include:

  • Two comprehensive examinations of the teeth and gums and an oral cancer screen (usually $140 per year)

  • Two scale and clean visits per year with the oral health therapist. This excludes periodontal treatment and maintenance (usually $260 per year)

  • Two fluoride treatments per year (usually $80 per year)

  • Bitewing x-rays if needed (usually $45 per x-ray)

  • OPG x-ray if needed (usually $110)

  • Intra-oral photographs (usually $50)

Additionally, your Gentle Care Dentistry membership will provide you with the following benefits:

  • No annual limits on general or major dental treatment

  • No waiting periods for any dental treatment

  • 10% off major dental treatments including root canal therapy, orthodontics including Invisalign, splints, periodontal treatment and implants

  • 15% off other general dental treatments not included as part of your membership. General dental includes fillings, fissure sealants, x-rays, and simple extractions


Membership Discounts

Diagnostic and Preventative
General Dental
Major Dental
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