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Product of the week: Colgate Sensitive Pro Relief - Repair and Prevent

Every week we will go through some products that you may find in our clinic.

NB: We are not sponsored for any of these posts, and merely just want to inform our patients of some of the products they can use.

Colgate Sensitive Pro Relief- Repair and Prevent

Colgate Sensitive Pro Relief Repair and Prevent toothpaste repairs sensitive areas of teeth and prevents further sensitivity. It also strengthens gums to help prevent gum recession.


How It Works

Colgate Sensitive Pro Relief instantly relieves sensitivity by physically plugging open dentin tubules, which helps block pain sensations from reaching the tooth nerves.



Brush twice daily for lasting relief. For instant relief, massage directly onto the tooth with your fingertip for one minute.

Do not use on children under 12 years of age unless on the advice of a dental professional.

For more information visit:

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