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Whitening Special Offers - Limited Time

Over time our teeth can become discoloured due to a range of factors such as ageing, staining from food or drink, medications and smoking. Tooth whitening at the dentist is the safest and most effective way to have your teeth whitened. At Gentle Care Dentistry we have two options available for tooth whitening including Zoom In-Chair Whitening and PolaNight Take-Home Whitening.

Unfortunately, teeth whitening is not suitable for everyone. Therefore at Gentle Care Dentistry we require a check-up with the dentist before any whitening treatment.


Phillips Zoom In-Chair Whitening

The In-chair whitening is performed in the dental clinic and can take approximately 90 minutes. It has the ability to whiten your teeth up to 8 shades, and you will see results on the day.

During the procedure, your gums are carefully protected, and a hydrogen peroxide whitening gel is applied by the dentist. The light from the Zoom Accelerator helps whiten your teeth faster.

Similar to the take-home whitening, the Zoom treatment will take two appointments. The first appointment will involve taking impressions to create customised trays, and a check-up. The second appointment will involve the in-chair whitening and the complimentary take home whitening kit will also be provided.

Our Current Deal: $649 (Was $880) for Zoom In-Chair Whitening + Complimentary Take-Home Kit


PolaNight Take-Home Whitening

The Take Home Whitening Pack will involve two appointments. The first appointment will involve taking impressions to make customised trays and the second appointment will involve the issuing of trays and the bleaching kit.

At home, you will place a small amount of the gel into the whitening trays. The trays should be worn for 30 minutes each day, for 14 days. Unlike the in-chair whitening, the take-home kits will take at least two weeks to see results.

Our Current Deal: $275 for 10 PolaNight Syringes with custom-made trays

or $149 for 10 refill syringes

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