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Are you afraid of the dentist?

Some people have anxiety about seeing a dentist due to bad experiences when they were young. In turn, they avoid the dentist until a serious problem occurs.

How many people experience dental phobias?

Dental phobia affects about 5% of the Australian population. That equals to around 1.15 million Australians.

People with dental phobias generally avoid coming to see the dentist, and therefore their oral health is not as good. There are a number of reasons why people are afraid of the dentist, and in turn avoid them including:

  1. Being embarrassed about the state of your teeth and oral health.

  2. Loud sounds from the drill or suction, that people have equated to pain.

  3. Traumatic experience in the past including not being numbed up, rough dentist or painful injections.

What can we do to help you have a good experience at Gentle Care Dentistry?

At Gentle Care Dentistry we take your concerns and anxieties seriously. We understand that traumatic experiences can have a long term effect, and we want to help you overcome your fears and allow you to have a good experience at the dentist. Some of the ways we can help you with your concerns include:

  • Communicating in an easy to understand way helps to ensure you know what the goals are, understand the risks and benefits of treatment, and understand the procedure that will be completed. We use the “tell- show – do” method to help ease patient’s concerns.

  • We understand that sometimes you need a rest break throughout the procedure. A simple raise of your hand will notify us that you would like a break, and we can give you a rest.

  • We have a television on the roof, so you can distract yourselves while you watch your favourite TV show or movie on Netflix.

  • We have Spotify so we can play your favourite artist, or can relax to some classical music. Feel free to let us know if there is anything in particular you like.

  • We have inhalation sedation through the use of nitrous oxide/oxygen or more commonly known as happy gas. Please talk to one of our staff if this is something you prefer. Costs may apply.

  • We provide topical anaesthetic before we provide dental injections and this helps minimise the pain associated with dental injections.

Contact us to talk more about your concerns

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your treatment at Gentle Care Dentistry, please call us on 84112674 or email on All of our staff are more than happy to talk to you about your concerns, and come up with ways to help ensure your experience is a good one at Gentle Care Dentistry.

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